SimpliFed’s Manifesto

What defines a good mother?

There are hundreds of ways one becomes a mom.

There are thousands of paths a mom can take during her pregnancy.

And there are millions of decisions a mom makes once her child is born.

What do I feed my newborn?

Should my baby’s poop look like this?

Why is my baby not sleeping through the night?

How much weight should my baby be gaining?

Why is motherhood not like I planned?

As mothers, we have questions running through our minds at ALL times.

We each make our own decisions, which shape our unique journeys of motherhood.

But the common denominator of it all: We do what is best for our children.

We are Presidents Of Running On No Sleep.

We are Directors Of Constant Diaper Duty.

We are Expert Translators – intuitively distinguishing the cries of joy, fear, and hunger.

We are the CEOs of the most important venture there is – bringing about a new life into this world.

Mothers are faced with a plethora of difficult decisions daily regarding infant feeding and care.

We know your time is limited, so we want to make the most of it.

SimpliFed is here to provide you the resources you’ll need for your motherhood journey – without judgement, only support.

Andrea Ippolito