What is Telelactation?

On-demand access to a lactation consultant or physician through a mobile or web application. It is more commonly referred to as online breastfeeding support. At SimpliFed, we provide access to international board-certified lactation consultants through our tele-lactation platform.

Why Should I Use Telelactation?


Lactation support can help increase breastfeeding rates.

The goal of lactation support is to increase breastfeeding rates from the convenience of your own home through answering questions, solving common problems, or seeking further care if necessary.


Breastfeeding has been widely shown to have multiple health and economic benefits

Lactation support can you navigate feeding decisions surrounding breastfeeding such as how to choose a pump, breastfeeding while transitioning back to work or transitioning to formula.


Telelactation provides a quick and convenient service.

Telelactation’s primary benefit is quick and convenient service from anywhere. It provides easy access to lactation support when and where you need it, including from the safety of your own home.

Is Telelactation Right For Me?

Telelactation is quick and convenient. It increases access to support, allowing most users same day service that fits into their schedule. No referrals are necessary and making an appointment is as quick as a click of your mouse. For those living further away from an office or not wanting to drive all the way to an urgent care and waiting hours for help, it saves time and can provide triage if more intervention is necessary. It also avoids exposure to germs in a medical setting.

However, telelactation does require an internet connection, whether through a web browser or a phone app, and can run into issues if connectivity is not stable. Some patients may also not be comfortable using newer technology or chatting with a stranger over the internet. And of course, the ability to perform a physical examination is not possible.