SimpliFed Vision: Every parent feels good about feeding their family.

SimpliFed Mission: Simplifed’s mission is to create a new model for optimal feeding - by building trusted relationships with parents, partnering with healthcare payers and providers, and shifting policy, practice, and narratives to drive health and economic equity, starting with baby’s first foods.

Who We Are

We are SimpliFed. We are a team of baby feeding experts that want to support moms and families starting in pregnancy, after baby is born, and as baby grows.  We want to support all moms, babies, and families, whether you breastfeed, chestfeed, exclusively pump, combo feed, pump at work, exclusively formula feed, and any combination of those.  We believe in supporting all moms and babies without judgment, with care and kindness, and with evidence-based  health protocols. We believe in helping to navigate the insurance landscape to get you and your baby the services you are entitled to, whether on private or public insurance. We are a team of working parents, so our culture is one of flexibility, understanding, and pride for our teammates that are both parents and professionals.


We are SimpliFed. We are a team of IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) and CLCs (Certified Lactation Consultants) who are moms, and health care workers, and doulas, and change makers who are all dedicated to meeting moms and families where they’re at and supporting them without judgment.  


We are led by Andrea Ippolito, a mom of two girls, a biomedical engineer who has researched telehealth with the military health system, taught at Cornell, and founded SimpliFed after realizing just how hard breast and baby feeding can be.  We are run by Erin Hunt, a mom of four boys, a former teacher turned entrepreneur who ran an environmental technology company, led a home services startup, and managed a network of incubators in NYS before joining this team.  We are guided by Maggie Moore, a mom to one daughter, stepmom and host mom to four sons, who spent the first chapter of her career in impact investing at Goldman Sachs, and is currently an MPH candidate at Harvard while also advising several organizations dedicated to equity, inclusivity, and a better world..  


We are a team of moms who joined the team to enter or reenter the workforce, to gain a certification, learn business skills, and help other mothers that are culturally, generationally, racially, ethnically, and linguistically like them. We are partners with the most forward thinking, inclusive, and supportive health plans, employers, hospitals, scientists, advisors, OBGYNs, pediatricians, investors, daycare centers, and investors who all care deeply about social determinants of health, health equity, and advocating to change the narrative around infant feeding. 


We are SimpliFed.  We are here for parents with a purpose, from breast, to bottle, and beyond.

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